General Instructions for Use

OmniBlendGarden Soil & New Lawns – 1-part ParaBlend to 10-parts soil (1:10). For raised beds & bulk mixing, add ~200 lbs/1yd soil. For traditional gardens or soil prep, incorporate 100 lbs/1,000 sq ft (20 lbs/100 sq ft).
Perennials & Trees – Top dress 1-2″ within the same diameter as the canopy or within a 3″ radius from the root flare (approx. 6 lbs per sq ft).
Potted Plants – 1 cup/6″ pot diameter as a top dressing or 1-2 cups/gallon of soil mix.
Use anytime, but for optimal results use during fall soil preparation.
OmniFinesField Crops, Amend lawns, sod or pasture at a rate of 10 lbs/200 sq ft. May be broadcast by hand or a granular fertilizer spreader. When applying new seed or laying sod, use OmniFines.Use anytime, but for optimal results apply immediately after aeration.
20%-20% ratio of potting soil or growing medium.
Potted Plants – Incorporate into a potting mix as you would with perlite &ndash typically 1 part ParaLite/4 parts soil, potting mix or other growing medium.
As desired.
Wash thoroughly. Use as you would with other grow mediums.As desired.