Cannabis Growers Absolutely LOVE Omniryte!

Are you ready for higher yields, amazing water retention, and practically no bugs? Higher Crop Yield = More $$$ per Harvest One major Cannabis grower in California just started using Omniryte in their harvest and the results are ASTOUNDING! Are you ready for higher yields, amazing water retention, and practically no bugs? Call us today […]


Description of Omniryte

This premium, organic soil amendment is a volcanic scoria sourced from ancient volcanic cones in the American West. It is full of essential trace minerals (including potassium, magnesium, copper zinc, iron and boron) that have been trapped deep in the earth and are ready to be slowly released into your soil (or soilless growing media). […]


When to use

Prepare your soil in the FALL for better planting in the SPRING!A LITTLE Omniryte IN THE FALL GOES A LONG WAY!Best to Scatter, Till or Spread Omniryte in the fall for better soil biology in the spring. At this time of year, Mother Nature is busy amending soils. The leaves of deciduous plants and the […]


A testamony

Amazing Water Retention and Healthier Plants!AMAZING GROWTH WITHIN 30 DAYS! I Now Use 1/2 The Water Usage and My Plants and Trees Are Super Healthy With Virtually No Bugs! I started using Omniryte (Cinderite) last year in my vegetable garden and for my fruit trees. One of the main reasons I wanted to try it […]


Omniryte Water Retention Study

UP TO 65% WATER RETENTION! – Volcanic Mulch Saves Water! Water scarcity and soil salinity are the most important limiting factors for agricultural expansion in arid and semi-arid regions. High evaporation in these regions, cause excessive soil water loss, and soil salinization, and mulching is an effective way to reduce evaporation losses. Different types of […]