When to use

Prepare your soil in the FALL for better planting in the SPRING!
Best to Scatter, Till or Spread Omniryte in the fall for better soil biology in the spring.

At this time of year, Mother Nature is busy amending soils. The leaves of deciduous plants and the needles of many pines fall onto the ground where they will begin breaking down and enriching the soil. When farmers and gardeners have areas where such leaves can be left in place, they can leave the fertilizing and soil amendment to these natural processes.

In most yards and gardens, however, we clear the leaves and other plant debris, removing them during our fall cleanup. When this happens, our lawns and flowerbeds can benefit from the addition of organic matter. The fall is a great time to apply such amendments like Omniryte to the landscape.

Omniryte can be placed over the surface of lawns and gardens to organically remineralize the soil. Here are a few examples of how Omniryte can be used:

Scatter it with a shovel over turf grass, applying slightly heavier amounts on bare areas.


Till a 5-1 ratio of soil to Omniryte in your soil beds for more nutrient balance and absorption.

Spread approx. 1/4″ to 1/2′ inch on the surface of the soil around established perennials and shrubs. This can be put right over the remains of last spring’s Omniryte application layer.

Now let the soil biology begin!

Why is it important to periodically add Omniryte or other organics to our landscapes? Because nature has designed this system that keeps the soil and the plants growing healthy, organically.

The Omniryte you spread this fall will support the soil biology (beneficial bacteria and fungi), and help hold moisture near your plant’s roots, and supply nutrients for the growing season ahead.

Grow it Right…With Omniryte…

Omniryte ParaBlendGarden Soil & New Lawns – 1-part ParaBlend to 8-parts soil (1:8). For raised beds & bulk mixing, add ~65 lbs/1yd soil. For traditional gardens or soil prep, incorporate 200 lbs/1,000 sq ft (20 lbs/100 sq ft).
Perennials & Trees – Top dress 1-2″ within the same diameter as the canopy or within a 3″ radius from the root flare (approx. 6 lbs per sq ft).
Potted Plants – 1 cup/6″ pot diameter as a top dressing or 1-2 cups/gallon of soil mix.
Use anytime, but for optimal results use during fall soil preparation.
Omniryte ParaFinesAmend lawns, sod or pasture at a rate of 10 lbs/200 sq ft. May be broadcast by hand or a granular fertilizer spreader. When applying new seed or laying sod, use ParaBlend.Use anytime, but for optimal results apply immediately after aeration.
Omniryte ParaLite20%-40% ratio of potting soil or growing medium.
Potted Plants – Incorporate into a potting mix as you would with perlite &ndash typically 1 part ParaLite/4 parts soil, potting mix or other growing medium.
As desired.
Omniryte ParaHydroWash thoroughly. Use as you would with other grow mediums.As desired.

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