Description of Omniryte

This premium, organic soil amendment is a volcanic scoria sourced from ancient volcanic cones in the American West. It is full of essential trace minerals (including potassium, magnesium, copper zinc, iron and boron) that have been trapped deep in the earth and are ready to be slowly released into your soil (or soilless growing media). The angular and porous nature of Omniryte enhances aeration in the soil and means it can excel at holding water and delivering nutrients efficiently to plants. The volcanic source of this remarkable product gives it a paramagnetic charge that can attract and redistribute energy and nutrients and move them along to where they are needed most – your plants’ roots.

Can be mixed with potting soils, germination media, in bed preparations and in all farming, gardening and landscaping.
100% volcanic soil amendment.
Provides root stability.
Pet safe & can be used indoors or outdoors.
Omniryte will improve your soil, provide your plants with important nutrients from deep in the earth and give it all a little charge to get it going.

Omniryte comes in 4 versions; choose the one that best suits your particular needs:

Omniryte OmniBlend – This is the version that’s used for general field applications. It is fine enough for decomposition by microbial life, but also has a large enough aggregate to have soil conditioning properties.

Omniryte OmniFines – This version is like a rock dust and can be broadcast over lawns, sod or pasture. Also an excellent choice for germination mediums and microgreens.

Omniryte OmniLite – Use this version as a Perlite replacement. It increases moisture/nutrient retention while lowering the overall bulk density of the soil.

Omniryte OmniHydro – This version has been created specifically for hydroponic/aquaponic use.

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